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Adventurous Design Ltd designs, produces and sells outdoor pursuit and expedition equipment.

We also offer a product development service, with a broad capability to design, develop, test and manufacture products.


Mechanism can be operated with mittens on Tredalo human powered raft Kayak-cam technique improvement - seeing is believing

Design Services. Design Adaptation:
Tool-less mechanism
Blue Ice Sledge Wheels

Tredalo® The Amazing
Walk on Water Raft

Paddling technique analysis tool.
(Coming Soon)


We offer a range of outdoor equipment products and a design service to assist customers with developing products. Our products are designed to help users get the most from their outdoor and expedition experiences.

Our passion is for making practical, reliable equipment, based around a user friendly design philosophy. We focus on developing equipment that is optimised for its usability and for the environments in which it will be used.

We specialize in products providing unique solutions for difficult and unusual design challenges. We have a wealth of first hand design experience and a track record of providing novel solutions that meet customer requirements.

Our product development service offers design and manufacturing for one-off requirements, prototyping and low volume production. We work with customers who require modifications or enhancements to equipment or those who need something completely new designed. Please contact us to see if we can help with your design challenge.

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