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Adventurous Design Ltd has its origins in designing equipment for ultra endurance events. We are a small family run business with a passion for design and a passion for the outdoors. All of our products are designed to help you get the most from your outdoor and expedition experiences.

Our design philosophy always considers the safety, usability and effectiveness of the product as primary factors. We optimise the product around the needs of the user - our aim is to design products which are effortless to use. Often the secret of this is in the design details.

This unique combination of attention to detail and first hand expeditionary experience combined with a passion for adventure and the outdoors has led to the natural creation of Adventurous Design products and services.

Chris training in Dubai

Chris walking the Ice Road

Chris Todd, founder of Adventurous Design Ltd, is a designer, chartered engineer and ultra athlete. Adventurous Design has been inspired through his participation in ultra events, including the Gobi Challenge Ultra, the 6633 Arctic Ultra and the Devizes to Westminster International Canoe Marathon, for which Chris developed / customised a lot of his equipment....more about Chris's ultra experience.

Chris has over a decade's worth of design and test experience from the aviation industry where safety, functionality, certainty of operation and usability are the cornerstones of product development. Chris brings all this experience and applies it to expedition and outdoor equipment design.

His attention to detail has ensured that Chris's kit, much of which was heavily redesigned and customised, is safe, effective and tailored to the operational conditions.


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