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Adventurous Design Ltd offers design and manufacturing services for one-off requirements, prototyping and low volume production. We work with customers who might require adaptations or enhancements to equipment or those who need something completely new designed.  Please Contact Us to see if we can help with your design challenge.


Designed to do a job - they were surperb Mechanism can be operated with mittens on Tredalo human powered raft

Design Adaptation:
Thermal Gaiters

Design Adaptation:
Tool-less mechanism
Blue Ice Sledge Wheels

Tredalo® Amazing
Walk on Water Raft:


Design: we will work with you to understand your requirements and how you will be using the product.  We will then make an assessment of the design brief and consider any modifications, adaptations or new designs that would work for your particular design challenge.

Prototyping: we can develop prototypes out of a wide range of materials and test them during design development for usability.

Manufacture: we can undertake low volume production in house and can arrange for larger volumes to be produced. 

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