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Adventurous Design Ltd offers the Tredalo® as a new and exciting way to have fun on the water. It is a human powered raft, designed with usability and longevity in mind.

The Tredalo® is a unique product, powered simply by the effort of walking within the paddle wheel, and is only available from Adventurous Design Ltd.

Why not take a leisurely stroll across a lake or challenge yourself to cross an ocean? Dare to be different - try a Tredalo®.

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Tredalo launching in shallow waters Go your own way on a Tredalo No better way to enjoy a walk aroung a lake!

Tredalo® launching in
shallow waters

Tredalo® cruising in
calm waters

Tredalo® moored
in a tranquil lake


Tredalo enjoying the company of kayaks

Design: the Tredalo® has been designed with the user in mind. It is easy to control with great manoeuvrability. The paddle wheel operates without a conventional axle-and-spoke configuration, which enhances the user experience and improves access/egress to/from the wheel.

Public Interest: during testing the Tredalo® Test Crew were constantly overwhelmed by public interest. This product offers a great opportunity to enjoy a walk-on-water experience, not possible until now, that people of all ages want to try!

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