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This summer the Tredalo® is to be used to cross 66 miles of the Irish Sea in the first ever crossing of this type. The crossing is anticipated to take 40 - 48 hours of non-stop walking in the paddle wheel. For more details see

Customised events - whether you want to cross a swimming pool or cross an ocean, the possibilities for using the Tredalo® for events are almost unlimited... The Tredalo® is a unique product, with mass appeal to people of all ages and is well suited for custom private and corporate events.

Please contact us to discuss possibilities for your event - we would love to hear from you!


Tredalo launching in shallow waters Go your own way on a Tredalo No better way to enjoy a walk aroung a lake!

Tredalo® The Amazing Walk on Water Raft: Dare to be different!


Tredalo enjoying the company of a kayak


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