Tredalo® The Amazing Walk on Water Raft!

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The protoypye Tredalo® is well developed and well tested and we are very happy with it.

The process to make the Tredalo® "production ready" is well underway, but we are not quite ready just yet. We want the production version to be just right before we offer it to our customers.

We are looking for our "launch" customer and look forward to working closely with you to meet your needs and bring this unique and highly enjoyable product into service.

Pricing for the Tredalo® is not yet certain. However, please use the following indicative prices as a guide:


Price per single Tredalo®
Price: £xxxx

Delivery: additional

Optional extras include:
launching trolley, £xxx
roof rack carriage frame, £xxx
trailer carriage adaptor*, £xxx


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*subject to trailer type


Tredalo® The Amazing Walk on Water Raft: Dare to be different!


A leisurley sroll down the river on the Tredalo

Tredalo® - the Amazing Walk on Water Raft.

Adventurous Design is committed to sales and after sales care for the Tredalo®. We believe that the product is unique and exceptional and that the after sales care should match. Complete customer satisfaction is our aim.

To discuss any opportunities or requirements relating to the Tredalo please contact us

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