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Adventurous Design Ltd Products
Tredalo human powered raft

Tredalo®: the Amazing Walk on Water Raft. A new and exciting way to have fun on the water. It is a human powered raft, designed with usability and longevity in mind.

Kayak-cam technique improvement - seeing is believing

Kayak-Cam: camera system for technique analysis. A tool for paddling technique analysis - seeing is believing.

(coming soon).



Adventurous Design Ltd Designs in Production...

Snowsled Retractable Sledge Wheels Adaptation:  Adventurous Design re-worked the existing attachment system to deliver tool-less operation, even when wearing mittens, increasing the usability and safety of the wheel system. The revised design is now available for use with the Ice Blue Pulk system at

Sand Baggers Ankle Gaiter: Adventurous Design Adapted the existing hot weather sand gaiter for Arctic use by adding a thermal layer to the lightweight gaiter adding protection from snow ingress and frostbite. The Arctic Gaiter is now sold through

Adventurous Design offers a Design Service to adapt / enhance existing products or to develop new products - details are available on our Services page.

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