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"Chris won the 6633ultra twice (2009 and 2010). The 6633ultra is an event where competitors face temperatures of -50C in a 350-mile trek to the Arctic Ocean, hauling all their own equipment in polar sledges.  Much of his success was due to the meticulous preparation of self-designed/modified equipment. Chris's attention to detail applied with rigorous design and test methods ensured that the kit he developed worked efficiently and effectively - just what you need when operating in such severe conditions." Kev Scully, 6633ultra competitor (2010) and successful leader of the RAF expedition to the South Pole (2006).

“To produce the 2nd fastest time over the course whilst maintaining complete self sufficiency is simply astounding”  Martin Like, 6633ultra organiser.



“This guy clearly knew what he was doing”…..”I love watching someone performing a task well, and effortlessly in life, whatever it is” and ”<he> demonstrated ingenuity in the systems the he had dreamed up to combat the forces of winter.”  Andy Murray, Ultra Athlete and 6633ultra competitor (2009) - written in his book, Running Beyond Limits – the adventures of an Ultra Marathon Runner.


"Chris has a certain 'knack' as a designer and as an engineer, he has a great understanding of mechanical systems and comes up with some simple and truly  brilliant solutions" Stuart Fallon, Formula 1 Control Systems Engineer.




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