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How does it work? The user walks in the paddle wheel, which rotates and propels the raft along (either forwards or backwards).

Is it easy to use? Very. The tiller bar allows for very direct steering of the craft, via two powerful rudders, which give the raft excellent manoeuvrability. You can walk as fast or as slowly as you like to control the speed.

How many people can use it? It is designed to take a boarding mass of 200 kg (440 lb) which is likely to equate to two adults or one adult and two children.

Do you get wet? Not when walking normally as there isn't time for the the water to drip off the paddles. If you stop, however, some water will drip off the paddles and you may get a bit wet...but not very, and that is all part of the experience.

How do you transport it? The Tredalo® disassembles into sub-assembly parts for ease of transportation. It can be transported by a normal family car with a trailer.

How fast does it go? By running, speeds of about 4 mph can be achieved. However a more leisurely pace of 2-3 mph is achieved by a moderate walking pace.

How far can you go? Distances are only limited by how far you want to walk. Plans are "afoot" to use the Tredalo® to cross the Irish Sea.

How is it launched and recovered? In just the same way as a small sailing dinghy...usually a trolley is used to support the craft as it is wheeled into the water, but the use of a trolley is not always necessary. The rudders tilt up to allow operation in shallow waters.

Does wind affect it? It operates best in light winds but it can be operated in up to a 20 mph head wind. It is not particularly affected by cross winds and benefits from a tail wind, which reduces the effort needed to propelle the craft.

Where is it best used? In calm waters, either fresh or salt water, with light to moderate waves. It is designed to have a 60 degree topple angle and conditions would have to be very sever to capsize the craft. It has been used successfully in the open seas around the UK in suitable weather conditions.


Tredalo enjoying the company of a kayak

A great opportunity to enjoy a walk-on-water experience, not possible until now, that everybody will enjoy!

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Tredalo® The Amazing Walk on Water Raft: Dare to be different!

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